Creativity VS Advertising

ComScore has made a study that shows that creativity is the key factor to make a good publicity, since it defines the quality and the sales results.

On a 52% creativity influence the sales of brands and companies; while the media plan only gets a 13%, this proves to many businesses that the key point is not on the media plan but on the creativity. However, the 35% influence on the prices, promotions and distribution of the products.

That’s why when we want to invest on publicity we must stablish controls to measure the creativity and the impact on the client; otherwise we are just wasting money. Always look for guaranties, what you are selling beside of being a quality product, target oriented, also must have a creative advertising that make nest on the consumer’s mind.

We can mention giants of the marketing world that, since their origins have worked on their brand, have transcended time and make a place on the consumer’s mind (this is the hardest part).


Is one of the worlds most famous brands. Since 1886 when entered the painkillers market has been making history, becoming the “Beverage of Happiness”, not just by his slogan because it was created for stomach relieve.

Just by seeing the white stripe under the name, any user already knows who is coming.


Without any doubts and excellent company, which started his climbing after investing great amounts of money looking to improve his own image. At the beginning of the 50’s, Pepsi decided to start a massive hiring of different celebrities so they spread his message, and this way to attract attention of many consumers, on the 70’s Pepsi started a new marketing strategy named “Pepsi Generation” for young people, which make this company design and of course change his slogan to “You’ve Got A Lot To Live, Pepsi’s Got A Lot To Give”.

This brand has perpetuated on the consumer’s mind. If you see a red, white and blue circle, what would you thing?

Mc Donald’s

The fast food chain preferred for the kids. This company has showed the power of a brand. Just drive by and see up high the big yellow “M”, the first thing kids will say is “McDonald’s