What is CTR and CR in online campaigns

The results of follow-up in the online advertising yield a lot of data that we sometimes do not understand. It is necessary to know what refer acronyms to as CTR and CR, to understand the effectiveness of the announcements and to know if we should improve its location or content.
Clicks are an important part of any advertising campaign on social networks or websites. They are the ones that usually produce the conversions (concrete actions by the users).
Impressions are the number of times people look at the inside pages of a web.

What is CTR?

The CTR is the percentage of clicks that determine the importance of a particular ad for visitors to a website. If it is high, it means that the campaign is effective. The formula for calculating this rate is as follows:
CTR = (number of impressions / number of clicks) x 100.
It is a bit difficult to establish the ideal percentage, it will depend on each campaign but having a partially low CTR but getting good sales is the important thing, compared to other times when the rate is high but did not have sales accordingly.

What is CR?

The CR for its part is the rate of conversions. As we mentioned before, conversions are actions that a person makes after clicking on a ad, for example: fill out a form, access a virtual store and buy or anything that wanna the advertiser.
It is calculated as follows:
CR = number of shares / number of impressions.

How to improve CR?

Since it is one of the most important metrics, we must do our best to improve its value. To achieve what is expected, the placement of ads must be intuitive: easy to see and click. It should be placed among the elements of the page that most attracts the attention of anyone who enters it.