What is AdServing and AdManagement

As digital entrepreneurs, the immediacy and automation of tasks is basically what helps make advertising campaigns simpler to run. Having tools that reduce working time is very helpful for those who have the responsibility of publishing ads across the Internet.
Ad Serving represents the best way to spread ads, on portals appropriate for each campaign. The difference between Ad Serving and any affiliate network is that the first it is a service that selects the audience before showing an ad, the second will always have the same type of advertisement on the affiliate’s website.

How does Ad Serving work?

The browser we use interprets the code of the web page that we are viewing. It picks up the ID of that code and sends it as a parameter to the Ad Serving. Depending on the user’s browsing data, collected by cookies, the Ad Serving will display an banner as wanna by advertisers, for example, if wants to display his banner to people in certain countries, this service will show ads only peoples with this requirement.
This way advertisers will be guaranteed potential customers have access to your advertising.

What is Ad Management?

It is the set of actions that must be performed in order to optimize online, advertising campaigns in order that they can influence the public. Decisions made by the Ad Manager are crucial to be applied in Ad Serving and any other form of ad management.
In order to handle the advertising in the best way you must take into account the following aspects and questions:
• Audience Segmentation: Who is it aimed at?
• Message form: What do we want to tell you?
• Select communication channels: How are we going to reach them?
• Analyze results: How to know if the message was captured by the public?
• Advance in strategies: What can I improve?