What is tracking clicks and why is it important to track

The administrators of a web page have a general objective: to obtain many visits and to wait for those visits to become possibilities of economic income. But today, it is not enough to know how many people look at web sites, it is important for webmasters to know exactly the links that people prefer to click on and know information about the type of users who perform such action, that is to say, a tracking.

But … What is a tracking?

It is no more than follow up, in this case, of links, in order to monitor the interaction that users have with it. Clicks, impressions, demographic information and even the way web surfers have reached the pages, are the most common type of data in trackings.

Importance of tracking of clicks

In addition to complying with the Google rules so that the portals are considered suitable for indexing, it is necessary to know if what is done is also liked by the users. Therefore, tracking clicks means:
• Know what type of content readers liked the most.
• Know if the location of a banner attracts attention.
• Have the ability to adjust the web for more impressions.

How to track clicks?

There are two basic ways to track links. An optimized one that can be paid or free and a more or less manual.
The most organic or manual way of doing this is using shorteners of links. Select the links to be shortened, later shows the number of times a user accessed a website through those links.
The applications that allow to tracking optimized are some like Google Analytic, that offer many options to control the clicks done in specific places or in the general web page.